Which Champagnes are Lower in Sugar?

In the context of reducing or eliminating sugar, alcohol should never be disregarded! Gram per gram, it weighs more than food carbohydrates and therefore has more calories (7 vs. 4)! There are, however, some better choices to make within the alcohol category including clear, gluten-free spirits like vodka or champagne! Check out my info below on how to pick the least sweet bubbly!

Go for champagnes labeled brut nature, extra brut or extra dry

  • Brut nature is the lowest in sugar! Most champagnes, in general, are labeled as brut and have roughly 2 grams of sugar per 5 oz glass

If you can’t stand the dryer champagnes – go for a brut rose

  • A brut rose is slightly sweeter than the bruts!

Avoid those labeled Demi Sec or Doux

  • These are the higher sugar ones!

Here’s an example of a very low sugar & affordable one to choose! I Tant Brut Nature Cava

Another great hack is a wine spritzer! 

  • Try mixing ½ brut champagne with ½ raspberry or lemon-flavored seltzer and garnishing with fresh berries or herbs. This is a great way to still enjoy the taste of champagne with very minimal sugar!


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