Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

In the human body, the immune system is how the body remains healthy by fighting off bacteria and viruses that can cause serious illnesses or infections. Like every system in the body, this system is extremely complex and requires a delicate touch and intimate understanding of exactly how it works to keep it in balance. Trained medical providers are generally the ones who can help to keep your system balanced.

Some individuals have compromised immune systems, which makes them more susceptible to infections and diseases that a normal immune system would fight off. For those individuals who do not have weakened immune systems, it is still important to bolster the system and keep it in tip-top condition so that when an immune response is needed to fight off an infection or illness, your body will not falter. You can give your system a leg up when it comes to fighting off any invading bacteria by adjusting your daily routine just a bit.

Why Your Immune System Needs to be Boosted


Immune systems are very complicated and must be balanced to ensure the right response is provided if the threat of severe disease has been presented. Those who are severely immunocompromised often have trouble with this response. The balance of a healthy immune response is delicate because too weak of response could lead to serious infection needing the medical assistance of a trained healthcare provider. Too strong of response could cause allergies or autoimmune disease to develop.

To help keep your body’s immune system balanced and ready to fight off any virus or infections that could result in a visit to the hospital, there are ways to boost the efficacy of your system naturally. At Five Journeys, our team of holistic doctors in Boston, Newton, MA, can help show you how to boost your immune system naturally and guide you in the pursuit of vitality.

Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System


When we are especially susceptible to illnesses and diseases (like during the cold winter months when cold and flu season has arrived), we must have a boosted immune system that can handle anything nature can throw at us. Prevention of common illnesses is also a benefit of well-balanced and enabled immune systems. Here are some great ways to boost immune systems naturally (and right at home) throughout the whole year:

  • Eat a healthy diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats. It is also wise to ensure that the foods you consume are rich in micronutrients such as Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.
  • Drink lots of water. Your body can dehydrate itself very quickly – even while you are sleeping or just breathing – so you must replenish those lost fluids often throughout your day. When your body is dehydrated, that slows down the progress of infection-fighting immune cells called lymph throughout your body. Without the rapid movement of these cells, your system may become immunocompromised.
  • Stay active with regular exercise. Working out is not just for weight control and building muscles. Exercise can help in boosting immune systems because it improves your overall circulation. The better your circulation, the more easily immune cells, and infection-fighting molecules can travel throughout your body.
  • Catch some ZZZs. Sleep is integral to almost everything your body can do, including the creation of infection-fighting cells. If you do not get enough sleep, you will likely be more susceptible to bacteria and viruses that can infect your body.
  • Eliminate stress. Okay, this one is easier said than done, but it is still important for the health of your immune system that you try to get rid of the stressors in your life. A stress response in your body reduces the level of immune response your body can have, leaving you vulnerable to viruses and disease.

If you follow these ways for natural immune system boosting, we at Five Journeys are confident that you will remain healthy and keep your vitality as strong as possible.

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