Veggie Packed Smoothie Recipes

Each of these smoothies has 2 types of veggies, plenty of fiber and zero refined sugar!

Gluten Free • Dairy Free • Keto-friendly • Detox friendly • Sugar/Sweetener Free

Red Velvet Cupcake

8-12 oz unsweetened dairy free milk

1 scoop chocolate Paleopure

1 T cacao powder

1/2 cup frozen cherries

1 T almond butter

1 date (soaked)

¼ cup frozen purple cabbage

1 handful raw spinach


Carrot Oatmeal Cookie

8-12 oz unsw dairy free milk 

1 scoop vanilla Paleopure 

2 T dry old fashioned GF oats

2 T raisins (best soaked overnight)

1 T ground chia/flax seed

½ cup carrot

½ cup zucchini

1 tsp cinnamon 


Chocolate PB Cup

8-12 oz unsw dairy free milk

1 scoop chocolate Paleopure

1-2 T cacao powder

1 small frozen ripe banana

1 T peanut or sunflower seed butter

Handful of raw swiss chard/greens

⅓ cup frozen cauliflower rice


Mango Cucumber Cooler

10-12 oz coconut water

1 scoop vanilla Paleopure protein

½-3/4 cup frozen mango

¼ avocado 

1 handful of fresh parsley or cilantro

½ frozen/deseeded cucumber


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