Treating Anxiety With Functional Medicine

The modern world has seen an unprecedented number of changes over the past two decades. These changes include the advancement of digital technology, the rise in global problems, and the emergence of a worldwide pandemic. The human brain cannot adapt quickly enough to this new environment for many. At Five Journeys, we’ve seen the number of patients with anxiety rise in recent years, and we believe it is necessary to treat anxiety in a holistic manner.

Many individuals may face mood disorders, chronic stress, and general anxiety disorders as they navigate the world today. If you feel a decline in your mental health and see anxiety symptoms in your life, we recommend learning about your brain and mental health more holistic manner. If you seek to address the root cause of your mental health issues, our team at Five Journey is here to help with our functional medicine approach to mental health.

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Medical Conditions Associated with Anxiety


Anxiety is a normal feeling of anxiety or nervousness. It is a common reaction to several stressful situations and other factors and can sometimes help us survive dangerous situations. However, certain disorders are associated with anxiety. These usually involve extreme anxiety or fear. These disorders are very common and disturb many adults during their lives. The good news is that there are effective treatments for anxiety disorders. These treatments can help patients who suffer from anxiety disorders to lead productive lives.

Functional medicine is a tried and proven method for treating anxiety. Our goal is to treat the root cause of your problems. Other doctors and psychiatrists prescribe anxiety medication to treat symptoms. But we spend the time finding out why people aren’t feeling their best and then help them feel great again. Our functional medicine practitioners do this by listening to patients, conducting a comprehensive health analysis, and providing non-invasive tests that analyze the body and the mind, and emotions.

Root Causes of Anxiety


Anxiety can come from significant root causes, including the elements present below.

Environmental factors


Several environmental factors could increase the likelihood of developing an anxiety disorder. For instance, childhood experiences such as religious and cultural upbringing, family composition, childhood traumas, and other incidents can cause anxiety disorders.

People can also develop anxiety disorders when they face different life stressors. These life stressors affect people in different ways, and one person may be able to handle theirs without anxiety while another person may not. Some people also experience anxiety when they have to be subjected to public scrutiny, for instance, in social situations or during public speaking events.

Lastly, anxiety disorders have been linked to one’s experience of gender, sexuality, and race. The stigmatization that many people face based on their race, gender, and sexuality leads to anxiety disorders and other mental health conditions. Some people also suffer from eco-anxiety. This term describes a never-ending fear of environmental doom.

Genetic Factors


While environmental factors are the more likely causes of anxiety disorders, genetic factors also play a large role in influencing one’s tendency to have feelings of anxiety. Talk to your functional medicine practitioner about your family history. Have relatives experienced anxiety or depression in the past? Creating a comprehensive medical history will help your doctor understand what’s at play with your mental health.

Medical Factors


Several health-related issues are capable of causing anxiety. For instance, some people develop anxiety as a side-effect of medication they are taking or due to an underlying medical condition. While your medicine or medical condition may not directly cause your anxiety, your treatment plan may lead to lifestyle changes that trigger anxious feelings.

Use of Recreational Drugs


Studies have linked the use of recreational drugs to feelings of anxiety. Some researchers say that while anxiety could be a consequence of recreational drug use, feelings of anxiety could also cause recreational drug use.

How Functional Medicine Helps Manage Anxiety


Many people who suffer from anxiety disorders try to manage their symptoms using medications. While this can be an effective approach, it does have some drawbacks. Medication may help regulate mood disorders and deal with stress hormones, but it may not address deeper issues.

Functional medicine takes a different and more practical approach to provide solutions for anxiety. Rather than just managing the symptoms, functional medicine practitioners prefer to deal with the root causes of anxiety.

Our practitioners are interested in looking at how mood disorders originate. Common causes include brain health, chronic disease, and poor gut health. Professionals at places like Five Journeys will assess the immune system, look for nutrient deficiencies, ask about emotional stress, and look at elements like the gut-brain axis.

These are a few steps functional medicine experts will take to get to the root cause of your anxiety.

A Detailed Health Assessment


Specialists in functional medicine will try to get a full picture of your health by listening carefully to your health history and conducting in-depth health assessments. Some of these tests are not readily available at your regular doctor’s office, but they will help paint a complete picture of what’s going on in your body.

First, functional medicine providers try to identify why a person is ill then create a personalized and effective care routine to help the patient get better again. They do this by first understanding your medical history and then identifying the root causes of your illness. For anxiety, the root cause could be stress, genetics, drugs, underlying medical conditions, etc.

Support and Accountability


Functional medicine experts assure you that you’re never alone in your battle with anxiety by offering ongoing education services, coaching, support, and other resources to help you manage anxiety. These professionals understand that natural light, gut health, healthy fats, an anti-inflammatory diet, and similar lifestyle adjustments can alter brain chemistry.

We know that functional medicine is about looking at amino acids, blood sugar, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, the stress response system, and more to address anxiety and depression genuinely.

Whether you are suffering from brain fog or seek better mental health in general, reach out to our professionals at Five Journeys today. We understand the importance of better mental health and have a unique outlook when treating mental disorders.

Functional Medicine Helps You Feel Better Again


When a person takes a functional medicine approach to fighting anxiety, they’re more likely to start feeling more in control, energetic, calm, clear-headed, centered, and capable as the treatment goes on. If you are looking for help with anxiety and major depression, work with our professionals at Five Journeys today. Our professionals focus on inspiring you to live a vibrant and healthy life. We believe that you can obtain fantastic and tremendous results at any age with the right level of care.

In 2016, we opened Five Journeys, a membership-based wellness organization that incorporates functional medicine and the five core aspects of health: Physical, Chemical, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual. Our comprehensive plans for vitality and wellness address each of these areas. Each person’s journey is unique. We uncover the root cause of problems, issues, and illnesses and then help our members solve them. We have facilitated the reversal, prevention, and resolution of many chronic health challenges. Every day, we witness the incredible results this work creates for our members. And it’s our sincere privilege, every day.

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