Top Five Reasons to Detox

If you end up often ignoring your body’s daily needs amidst a taxing work life and demanding personal life, then you are being exposed to a multitude of toxins and negative energy constantly. Did you know that you can remove these stressors from your life with a detox? Keep reading to find out the top reasons for you to consider undergoing a detox program.

1. Reduce toxic burden from your body

We are constantly exposed to heavy metal toxins in the water and food we consume and the air we breathe. Our body can also be harmed by the parabens in the body-care products and contaminants in the plastic that we use so frequently. These chemicals can build up overtime and accumulate in our fatty tissue, leading to what’s called “body burden.” A detox program suited to your individual needs could help reduce this toxic surplus from your body drastically.

2. Promote fat mobilization and jumpstart weight loss

A detox is particularly useful for removing from your body the foods that you may have been addicted to or consuming habitually, but that weren’t truly serving your bodily health. Consuming foods that promote phase 1 and phase 2 detox in your liver can upregulate your body’s ability to mobilize chemicals and fat out of the tissues, thus helping you lose weight.

3. Reduce your body’s hypersensitivity

Seasonal, environmental and/or food allergy burdens can build up overtime and create a bucket effect, in which our system “spills over.” Moreover, those of us with gut dysbiosis or a “leaky gut” are likely to have suboptimal nutrient intake, because our gut does not optimally absorb all nutrients. A detox or reset can help cleanse the system and reduce the symptoms of this spillover, which include constipation, diarrhea, itchy and watery eyes/ears, headaches and puffiness.

4. Manage stress in an effective manner

Many of us lead a go-go lifestyle where we go through our day-to-day lives without providing ourselves with any type of self-care. A reset can cleanse the mind through activities such as yoga, meditation, and mindful-eating by providing us with restful time to quieten our body, mind, and soul, and acknowledge the present. A detox can train your body to respond, rather than react, to stress on a day-to-day basis!

5. Reduce negativity in your life

Many of us are burdened by negative views of ourselves, which create limiting beliefs and influence our daily lives by holding us back from being our best selves. A detox can help us cultivate better self-awareness, self-love, and satisfaction with our lives in general. Embracing a “social detox” and your community, and maintaining a journal through the detox will help you squash the negativity in your life.

A cleansed body and a peaceful mind are the fundamental blocks to living a healthy lifestyle. So don’t wait for your body to get bogged down by an overload of toxins. Act on it today and opt for a detox!

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