Top 10 Hydrating Foods to Add Into Your Diet This Summer!


92% water content- also filled with antioxidants, and vitamin C  

Eat fresh, or try our watermelon salad!


95% water content- vitamin K, and potassium

Add to your favorite wrap, or crunch on it with some hummus or guac!  


95% water content- vitamin K, magnesium, and fiber 

Slice up for a snack with your favorite dip, or try our creamy cucumber salad (link) 


94% water content- antioxidants, vitamin A, and C 

Chop up to make bruschetta, salsa, or top your salad with them! Also, try our fresh gazpacho recipe (link) 


94% water content- vitamin A, C, manganese 

Spiralize and serve cold or sauteed with garlic and oil! 


90% water content- vitamin A, potassium, vitamin C 

Snack on them as is, or grate them and add to salad, or in a baked good like these carrot cake muffins: 


88% water content- vitamin C, potassium and fiber 

Slice up for a boost during the day, or add on top of a salad for a sweet twist! 


91% water content- also vitamin c, fiber, and some trace minerals 

Add a handful to your morning smoothie, yogurt, or hot cereal! 


96% water content- fiber, vitamin K, folate

Use it as a base for your afternoon burrito bowl, or make lettuce tacos with lettuce as the taco shell!  

Bell Peppers

92% water content- fiber, potassium, vitamin C  

Slice up and snack on them with dip or plain, or cut them in half and stuff them with your favorite ground meat and veggies and bake in the oven!

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