Tick Avoidance Tips

Now that it’s warm, everyone has cabin fever! That’s great except for when it causes you to have more tick exposure…Let’s review top ways to reduce your risk!

Stay on the trail!

Avoid hiking through areas that are fully forested and stay on the established trails.  Keep your dogs from going off trail too, since they can pick up ticks when they brush against the branches.

Do regular tick checks!

Like, nightly! Check all the crevices including between your toes, and behind ears and in hair.

Change your clothes after being outside

If there’s a tick on your clothes, that decreases the chance that it will get onto your skin.

Spray your clothes with permethrin

This is a spray that when dried is non-toxic to humans.  You can also buy pre-sprayed, or military grade clothing online that already has permethrin in it. It’s sold at all sporting goods stores.

Remove the tick immediately if one is in you…

and give us a call so we can help you prevent lyme disease! Phone visits are currently covered by insurance.

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