7 Day Sugar Detox FAQ

As the Sugar Detox Challenge commences, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you get started on the sugar detox.

In the meantime here are some of the most common sugar detox questions:

How do I know if a product is Sugar Detox friendly?

      • Look at the ingredients – eliminate any word that means added sugar
        • Examples: high fructose corn syrup, honey, agave, maple syrup, cane sugar, coconut sugar, fructose, palm sugar, date sugar, molasses, etc.
      • In this detox, avoid any added sweeteners/sugar alcohols
        • Examples: sucralose, splenda, sweet and low, aspartame, etc.
        • My recommendation is to avoid these indefinitely as they provide no benefit to the body and potentially can cause harm
      • In this detox, we are also making an effort to avoid added sweeteners/sugar alcohols
        • Examples: stevia, monk fruit, yacon syrup, sorbitol, xylitol, erythritol, etc
        • It may be difficult to find a protein powder that doesn’t contain this, therefore, that would be the only place that a small amount of these would be allowed on the detox; if you choose an unflavored protein powder and add vanilla extract/powder that is a great option as well
        • In general, these are ok for our bodies in small amounts and don’t have a blood sugar or gut-stimulating effect. I recommend avoiding them on this sugar detox in an effort to sensitize our taste buds to the sweeter tastes in our diet
        • If the total sugar for the product is 1-2 grams and there is no added sugar/sweetener/sugar alcohol listed above then the sugar is likely naturally found in the food itself – this is sugar detox friendly
          • Example – Since coconut butter/manna has a natural sweetness on its own, it may list 1-2 grams of sugar within the nutrition facts. As long as contains just coconut meat on the ingredients, this food is allowed on the detox!

Can I eat out?

      • Yes – on one evening night (in the meal plan it is Saturday) you can eat out with my guidance following the rules below:
        • If choosing a Sweetgreen salad – you can order any salad on their menu making sure to leave out any gluten (farro/breadcrumbs/pita) or dairy (cheese); omit any fruit or dried fruits
          • Omit their dressing and choose either the pesto vinaigrette or olive oil/lemon juice or vinegar-all other dressings contain added sugar
        • If going to another restaurant please choose:
          • Baked/roasted meat/fish or tofu; ask that only herbs/spices be used and no sugary marinades or sauces
          • Add white or sweet potato with olive oil/sea salt/spices/herbs of choice
          • Add baked/roasted/steamed veggies or a side salad; make sure to omit dressing and use olive oil/vinegar or lemon juice

What if I like to meal prep on Sundays?

      • No problem! I recommend that the following recipes be done ahead of time for the week:
        • Breakfasts: Ginger Greens Smoothie, Cauliflower Noatmeal, Breakfast Brownies can all be made ahead of time – store the smoothies/oatmeals in mason jars and the brownies with a hard-boiled egg in containers in the fridge
          • The matcha must be made the morning of for best results
        • Lunches: Kale Brussels Salad, Green Goddess Bowls can all be made ahead of time and stored in containers in the fridge; goddess bowls can be reheated or eaten cold
        • Dinners: The Keto Korean Beef Bowls, Paleo Tenders & Squash and the Vegan Lentil Curry can be done completely ahead of time
          • The Black Bean Burgers can be prepped ahead of time; they are best cooked the day of and the fries are best roasted that day as well
          • The chicken/quinoa and cabbage slaw for the Chicken Verde Tacos can be done ahead of time; I recommend heating the taco shells and making the avocado crema just before serving for best results

What should I drink?

      • I recommend that you start your day with warm lemon water to help cleanse and reset your gastrointestinal tract. Thereafter, I recommend drinking plenty of water throughout the day, mainly between meals. Seltzer or club soda is allowed as well if no sweeteners/sugars listed above are added. Up to 1-2 cups of coffee or tea daily are allowed but make sure to avoid adding any sugar or sweetened creamers!

What about alcohol?

      • For best results and body benefit, I recommend avoiding ALL alcohol during the detox as it breaks down to sugar in the body – remember, it’s only 7 days :).

Will I like the recipes?

      • It’s important to remember that we are making an effort to retrain your taste buds with this detox – using only limited fruit for sweetness can taste very low sugar from what you may be used to! Pungent spices and herbs have been used in the recipes to pack in flavor in a natural way to make sure the foods keep your taste buds guessing while also promoting bodily detox. Do your best to stay on track even if a craving for more sugar strikes in the first few days-this should subside with time on the plan. Use my ‘How to crack a sugar craving’ handout for tips. If there were any recipes you particularly didn’t enjoy, please feel free to let us know in the post-detox survey!

What can I expect to feel?

      • Most of you should feel more energy, improved digestion, less bloating, better sleep, and increased mental clarity. You may feel some cravings in the beginning but these should go away soon after removing all processed sugar sources from your diet.  
      • In some cases, if your body has been accustomed to a highly processed sugar or carbohydrate diet for quite some time, you may feel a little bit worse at the beginning of the detox. This is likely due to your body mobilizing stored toxins and adjusting to increased fiber intake. If you feel awful the entire detox then this is a sign that you need additional detoxing support. In this case, I would strongly recommend calling our office to schedule a one-on-one follow up with me for an in-depth individualized full body detox plan.

What if I have more questions?

      • Please attend the in-person meeting with me (Meg the Nutritionist) on Monday, Feb 25th in our office!

Can I take supplements while on the detox?

    • Please continue to take all doctor recommended vitamins, supplements, medications while on the detox. This detox is only food-based so there shouldn’t be any worry of interactions with medications or supplements.