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The Road to Health

The road to health is paved with amazing food, proper sleep, great nutrition and leading a life of contribution and purpose.  We’ve brought together the best-in-class services to ensure the choices you make are a source for vitality and longevity!


Join the movement! Our goal is to help you be healthy, vibrant and alive until you are 100. It requires partnership, a comprehensive approach, and most importantly, time. Being a member at Five Journeys gives you the benefits of extended appointments, extended hours, minimal wait times, office amenities, care coordination, and so much more!  

Concierge Care

Our concierge patients are people who are committed to longevity and want the cutting edge tools to live long, vibrant and purposeful lives. This exclusive program offers even longer appointments, and direct 24/7 availability of their physician.

Mere survival is not enough.
We are here to help you thrive.

Let’s go on this journey, together!