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Food Is The Cornerstone of Health

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    Kale Chips

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    Green Hummus

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Every recipe is gluten-free!



Where are you located?

181 Wells Avenue, Suite 202, Newton MA 02459 – a few minutes off I-95/Route 128.

What are your business hours?

  • Monday through Friday: 8am-5pm
  • Select Saturdays: 10am-2pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Are there services that don’t require membership?

Yes!  You do not need to be a member to access: Nutrition services, Coaching Services, Wellness IVs

How can I access the Athena patient portal to access patient forms?

[To be added]

Can I pay cash for a visit?

If you don’t have insurance or it is one we do not accept, then you may pay cash for a visit. If you have an insurance plan that we accept, then we are required to bill your insurance for visits.¬† Please contact the office for more information.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes! We accept many insurance plans. However, we do not accept coverage for the following insurance providers:

  • Many Connector products
  • Medicaid/Mass Health
  • Medicare Advantage plans
  • Network Health
  • Tufts Carelink
  • United HealthCare (Out of network for all plans)

Please contact your insurance for confirmation prior to your first appointment.¬† Please note; it is your responsibility to confirm with your insurance that we are in-network.¬† If your insurer’s information is incorrect, you will be responsible for any charges incurred.

Who is required to be a member?

Membership is required for everyone who wishes to receive medical care at Five journeys.   This includes consultation, primary care, gynecology services and IVs.  Membership is not required to see only the nutritionist.  

Can I use my FSA or HSA to pay for membership?

Each plan is different; some allow this as an expense and others do not. Please check with your plan administrator to see if this is an approved expense.

How do you determine who is in a family, for membership?

For membership purposes, a family is defined by individuals who are on the same insurance plan that has the same guarantor.

How do I pay for my membership?

We use a secure system through a payment collection service that bills you monthly.

What is the cost of membership?

Membership varies in cost depending on the family member. The investment for the first member is $99/month. The investment for the second member is $74/month. The investment for the third family member is $56/month. The investment for the fourth family member is $42/month.
If you have more than four members in your family, there is no membership charge for any members after the fourth member.
Please note that copays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses still apply for all members.

How do I book an appointment?

Please call our office at 617-934-6400 or if you’re already a member with us, you may book your appointment yourself through our secure portal.

How can I pay my bill?

Log on to your portal account to pay your bill. You may also pay your bill in person at your next appointment – please note that we do not accept bills larger than $50 on site.

Are my labs covered under insurance?

This depends on both your plan and the tests that you are having done.  You must check this with your insurance company PRIOR to having your blood drawn. Once the samples are sent out to external facilities, we cannot cancel them and you will be responsible for their costs.  If needed, we can provide you with the lab codes that you might need to be able to check this with your insurance provider.

Specialty labs will require payment at time of blood draw or kit being sent in.  Please ensure you are clear about the costs prior to providing payment information.

When calling your insurance, we recommend you ask:

  1. Do I have a deductible?
  2. If so, how much is it?  
  3. How much of it have I already fulfilled?
  4. Is there a copay for labs?

Is there anything that I need to do to prepare for my lab appointments?

Yes! Download this comprehensive checklist that explains how you must prepare for your lab appointments to ensure a smooth visit at our office.

Are my nutrition appointments covered under insurance?

This depends on your plan. You must check this with your insurance company PRIOR to the appointment. We recommend that at the very least, you ask your insurance provider:

  1. Does my plan have nutrition coverage?
  2. How many nutrition visits are covered in my plan?
  3. Are the nutrition visits covered in full or on a percentage basis?

Is there anything that I need to do to prepare for my nutrition appointments?

Yes! Download this comprehensive checklist that explains how you must prepare for your nutrition appointments to ensure a smooth visit at our office.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a unique approach to healing an entire person, instead of focusing on just the symptoms. According to the¬†Institute for Functional Medicine, it is ‚Äúpersonalized medicine that deals with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of symptoms for serious chronic disease.‚ÄĚ


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