Produce of Fall

The season of Fall is also called Harvest season for a reason! It is the end of the growing season in the northeast, and the time where farmers gather up their crops, and start preparing for the winter. Similarly, most people I know who love fall, enjoy the warm, comforting activities, preparing for the cold season to come. Some of my personal favorite parts of the season are cozying up in sweaters, bonfires on cool, crisp nights, and of course, cooking and baking with fresh, local fruits and veggies. 

The harvest during this time is also on-brand, as it consists of crops that are heartier to survive in colder climates, and tend to be eaten warm, as comfort foods. This includes starchier foods such as winter squashes: honeynut, butternut, pumpkin, and acorn squash; robust veggies like brussels, fennel, and radicchio, and of course, nourishing fruits like apples, pears, and cranberries. Here is a look at how to buy them this season, and use them in your daily cooking!  

What to look for when buying

  • No bruises
  • Intact stem 
  • Bright colors
  • Clean, no film or sign of rot  
  • USDA organic and local 

Highlighted foods/How to use  

  • Butternut squash – roasted planks, hearty soup, spiralized 
  • Pumpkin- smoothies, roasted seeds, in chili 
  • Apples- apple crisp, baked stuffed apples, sliced with dip, on salad
  • Brussels sprouts- roasted, shredded, casserole 
  • Fennel- salad, just by itself, roasted/grilled 
  • Radicchio- roasted/grilled, salad, lettuce-type wraps

Remember the importance of color on your plate, indicating a wide variety of nutrients. Additionally, the more local the products are, the higher the nutrient content! This is because the longer a fruit or vegetable sits after getting picked, the more nutrients are lost. If you have a green thumb, some land, and good soil, don’t be afraid to try growing some of these delicious produce items yourself. The reward will be extra delicious and nutritious from your very own garden to your plate.  

Check out our recipe page for some fall recipes to try at home!


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