Use the Right Supplements to Start Living Ageless

With: Michele Drielick

Use the Right Supplements to Start Living Ageless

With: Michele Drielick

About the Episode

Discover what you can do against muscle loss, collagen breakdown, and more.

Join Clinical Nutritionist, author, and educator Michele Drielick as she breaks down supplements and the science behind healthy aging.

If you haven’t yet started an age-prevention regimen, this is the episode for you!

What We Discuss

Knowing What Supplements to Take

Consumers often buy products from their trusted stores without understanding that manufacturers don’t always use the best ingredients in their products. That’s why many practitioners hand-pick supplement brands in their practices because they know the results they expect when recommending it to their patients.

The FDA doesn’t regulate supplement manufacturing, which makes it difficult to know exactly what’s in them. So even if the active ingredients are high quality, if the filler is cheap you might not get the best results. It’s a double-edged sword, though, because prices would skyrocket if the FDA monitored supplement manufacturers, similar to what we see in pharmaceuticals. But while their lack of involvement keeps costs low, it’s really “let the buyer beware.”

Each practitioner has its pillars on what they recommend depending on their areas of expertise, but some themes overlap. For example, it’s rarely a bad idea to take a multivitamin to make up the difference in what you’re not getting through food. The quality of our soil isn’t what it used to be, and people aren’t eating as many fruits and vegetables as they did in the past. Some green drinks and powders are whole-food-based and act as a great add-on to your daily health regimen. In addition, probiotics and fish oil are also great supplements to add to any diet.

The Causes of Aging and Aging Gracefully

Many people believe wrinkles are a sign of aging, but they are a symptom of muscle loss and collagen breakdown that started long ago. When we lose too much of that elasticity and fullness in our skin, we notice it begins to sag.

Clinically speaking, men have higher testosterone levels and maintain a more significant amount of muscle mass up into their 50s. Comparatively, women’s muscle mass starts to decrease around the time they’re 35.

Our stress levels strongly impact a cascade of hormones that speed up aging. This phenomenon is seen even more often in women due to natural hormonal cycles. Studies show women should be lifting heavyweights in their workouts as opposed to focusing so much on cardio. And if you’re worried about becoming too bulky and already have a bit of body fat, know that you might look a little thicker at first as you gain muscle, but that it won’t be for long.

The Role of Supplements in Aging

Supplements have a critical space in health and wellness, and we’re seeing this explosion of the collagen and beauty supplement industry. Many are under the impression that when you drink collagen from another animal, it becomes collagen for you, but collagen is no different from any other protein. Your body first has to break it down into its fundamental parts, which stimulates your body to make its own protein.

Michele and her colleagues found a remarkable ingredient to prevent muscle loss and increase protein synthesis through her research. When paired with regular exercise, biotin, Vitamin D, and Vitamin K, it combats aging and improves hair, skin, and nails. The world is different than it used to be, and we’re all wired to age faster now if we don’t take steps to prevent it.

The Risks of Taking Supplements

There are plenty of supplements on the market working in their intended way. However, many buyers don’t realize they should be using them in specific ways or avoid pairing them with other medications. And you’d have no way of knowing that unless you consult a medical professional.

For example, many people take calcium tablets, especially older generations. But taking calcium by itself is not necessarily good, especially in combination with inflammatory foods or without having enough Vitamin D.

Learn how supplements can help you take control of your longevity and age more gracefully!

Guest Bio

Michele Drielick is a Clinical Nutritionist, author, and educator with over 25 years in functional medicine and healthcare innovation. She is a healthy aging expert and the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AgelessLX.