Stay Healthy when Eating Out

With: Nicolette Richer

Stay Healthy when Eating Out

With: Nicolette Richer

About the Episode

Increase life expectancy and reverse chronic degenerative illness even during social events.

Join Nicolette Richer, Regenerative Medicine Educator and restaurant entrepreneur, as she discusses the importance of organic whole foods and how vegan and gluten-free don’t always mean healthy.

Listen now and start putting your health first when you eat out!

What We Discuss

Many assume vegan and gluten-free foods are of higher quality, and therefore should heal you and make you feel better. Unfortunately, that’s not true in most cases, which is why Nicolette opened her own restaurant chain focusing on organic, healthy alternatives and natural flavor. Just because something is vegan or gluten-free, doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

It can be difficult to find restaurants that use 100% organic ingredients every time, so do your research beforehand. And when you find an organic restaurant, double check that they don’t use refined or processed ingredients like oils, sugars, and sodium.

Vegan Does Not Mean Healthy

Unfortunately, all chefs are taught to use those three things to flavor food, but they contribute to the demise of our entire system and are still considered vegan. Do your research to see what restaurants aren’t using them or willing to leave them out. Call restaurants ahead of time and see if they’re willing to work with you to make you something you can have. What’s vital is to prioritize your health and not be afraid to advocate for yourself.

When your body is saturated with nutrients at the maximum level, it tells your brain to stop looking for food. When it doesn’t need extra nutrients, cravings tend to disappear. With the vast amount of organic flavors available, there are many ways to flavor food so they taste delicious even to people who might not have refined their taste.

Lifestyle Over Diet

What we do know from research is that communities around the world that still eat food the way people did prior to colonization, can live to be over a hundred years old. In their case, it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. And what’s most important is these people live disease free.

We need to stop focusing on macronutrients and start thinking about micronutrients. At the end of the day, it’s micronutrients that fuel your body, support mitochondria, and build energy.

Start putting your health first and learn how eating whole, organic foods can increase life expectancy and decrease disease. Even when eating out!

Guest Bio

Nicolette Richer is a Regenerative Medicine Educator, entrepreneur, author, Doctoral student and speaker turned endurance athlete. She is a savvy wellness facilitator and a renowned environmental and sustainability expert, with an insatiable desire to research and educate. Nicolette speaks regularly to captivated audiences on how to use food as medicine to reverse their chronic degenerative illnesses so they can reclaim their lives and realize their peak potential.

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