Re-energize from Chronic Fatigue & Long Haulers

With: Dr. Evan Hirsch

Re-energize from Chronic Fatigue & Long Haulers

With: Dr. Evan Hirsch

About the Episode

Recover your vitality no matter the cause with world-renowned fatigue & Long Haulers expert, Dr. Evan H. Hirsch.

Listen to this episode where he discusses the underlying causes and how you can start feeling better faster!

What We Discuss

Long Haulers & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Long Haulers is the persistence of symptoms three months after getting the Covid-19 virus. With so many different symptoms associated with the virus because it lives in the bloodstream, it can cause inflammation anywhere in the body. So the key to feeling better is to treat the live, active virus.

Many people getting Long Haulers are people becoming active too soon after feeling better. They go back to business-as-usual even though their bodies are still recovering, and that added stressor tips them into feeling sick again. Most Chronic Fatigue and Long Haulers sufferers have 20+ causes for their symptoms, and can only take this one last cause to act as the trigger.

Risk Factors

Because there are so many causes of Chronic Fatigue and Long Haulers, it’s challenging to know the risk factors for setting an individual over the edge. Those who never get sick might actually have underperforming immune systems. As a result, the body cannot mount a full enough assault on the virus to eliminate it completely, which is why symptoms linger or return.

The first step is to assess all the causes. Within the 33 possible causes of Long Haulers, 75% can be determined by looking at the symptoms alone. The second step is repleting the deficiencies, focusing on the adrenals, mitochondria, and thyroid. It’s also critical to change lifestyle habits such as sleep, diet, and exercise. The third step opens up the detoxification pathways such as urination, defecation, sweating, and breathing.

Heavy Metal, Infection, and Other Exposures

Finally, the fourth step is removing the toxicities. The most significant source of mercury exposure is from water, including swimming and the fish we eat. Plastics, chemicals, mold, and lead are often significant exposures people aren’t aware of. Mold plus an inflection is one of the biggest reasons physicians see patients with ME/CFS. Infections like Lyme, Barilla, Thyroid issues, and more can contribute to fatigue symptoms.

Because so many factors play into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, pinpointing what exposures and infections specifically impact you is key to feeling better.

Start battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome now with this episode of the Five Journeys Podcast!

Guest Bio

Dr. Evan H. Hirsch is a world-renowned fatigue & Long Haulers expert and Founder & CEO of the International Center for Fatigue. Through his best-selling book, podcast, and international online programs, he has helped thousands of people worldwide resolve their ME/CFS & Long Haulers symptoms naturally. Dr. Hirsch is on a mission to help 1 million more. He has been featured on television, podcasts, and summits, and when he’s not at the office, you can find him singing musicals, dancing, and playing basketball with his family.


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