Heal Yourself Through Osteopathy

With: Dr. Bill Foley

Heal Yourself Through Osteopathy

With: Dr. Bill Foley

About the Episode

Work with your body’s innate healing capacity to fight chronic conditions and more.

Osteopathic Family Physician, Dr. Bill Foley, will introduce you to osteopathy and how he works with both conventional and non-traditional medicine to provide the most comprehensive care possible.

If you haven’t considered osteopathy before, this is the episode for you!

What We Discuss

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a philosophical approach to medicine that focuses on the root cause of the patient’s problem and works with the innate healing capabilities of the human body. Lifestyle modification, herbal medicine, medication, acupuncture, and surgery are all resources that Dr. Foley uses to create a treatment plan.

It’s a health-centric approach to improving health and wellness by looking at people as a whole. And while many doctors incorporate an osteopathic mindset into their practice, only a few physicians in the USA study the practice exclusively.

The Role of Antibiotics

Dr. Foley works very closely with the natural healing powers of the body and looks for ways he can assist the body in that process, rather than how he can cure the illness or injury in isolation.
For example, many of his adolescent patients can clear an illness on their own in two days without prescription help, so sometimes the body doesn’t need an antibiotic to cure them. Instead, they often need a temporary lifestyle change like increased sleep and nutrition support to aid their immune system.

Inflammation also reduces the effectiveness of our immune system, which impacts the ability of our lymphatic system to flush out things we don’t want inside our bodies. This creates a buildup inside us that reduces our body’s ability to heal. So supporting that system and reducing inflammation allows our body to work properly, and we start to feel better again.

Anxiety and Highly Sensitive People

People with a heightened sensitivity to the world around them are often diagnosed with anxiety or depression, but those diagnoses often don’t touch the root of the problem. Dr. Foley works with highly-sensitive individuals, offering them guidance and treatment using Osteopathy. He starts by breaking down what we can change in the world and what we can’t. Then he gives them tools to help cope with what we can’t change.

Ensuring they have a solid meditation practice, magnesium soaks, food sensitivity tests, acupuncture, and working to balance the nervous system are all treatments he implements to help them feel better.
Despite having a mind, body, and spirit, we are one being, and once we start seeing ourselves that way we can find better balance.

Tap into your infinite capacity for healing with an Osteopathic approach and give this episode a listen!

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Guest Bio

Dr. Bill Foley, D.O., M.Sc., is an Osteopathic Family Physician, Board Certified in Family Medicine, Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine, and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. He was promoted to Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School Department of Family Medicine and has practiced full-scope traditional osteopathic medicine since 2001. He founded Boston Osteopathic Health in Newton, MA, in 2008. Using his extensive knowledge of conventional and non-traditional medicine, combined with traditional osteopathic treatments, he offers his patients the most comprehensive care possible.