Get Pregnant and Stay Pregnant

With: Kela Smith

Get Pregnant and Stay Pregnant

With: Kela Smith

About the Episode

Optimize for fertility by solving your hormone PUZZLE.

Join certified functional nutritionist and wellness coach Kela Smith as she discusses her journey through pregnancy.

Take control of your fertility naturally with this episode!

What We Discuss

Kela and her husband met later in life and didn’t try for kids until she was about 34 years old. After trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant and consulting doctors, she was diagnosed with “unknown fertility issues.” By the time she was 36, she was told getting pregnant naturally wouldn’t work and that she would need medical interventions such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF).

However, there was nothing medically wrong with her that she could tell. She was physically fit and healthy, so there was no reason why she would need IUI or IVF outside of her age. So she gave herself one more year to do things naturally, and if she still wasn’t pregnant by 37, she’d go the medical route.

Turning To Research

Kela had been on birth control for 15 years and stopped taking it after she and her husband wanted to try for kids. She did start having her period, but they were irregular. Curiously, her doctors never asked her about her periods, whether she was ovulating, or having sex at the right times for pregnancy.

Though Kela was eating for health, she wasn’t eating for fertility. She realized her body fat percentage was too low, and she wasn’t eating enough fat. She was also exercising too hard. So she changed her diet and lifestyle to be more fertility-friendly, reduced her stress level, supplemented where she needed to, and did everything she could to become as fertile as possible. Kela gained enough weight to bring her into the healthier 20% body fat range. She also noticed her periods started getting more regular, and her ovulation stabilized. It took 8 months, but Kela was able to get pregnant naturally at 38 and a second time at 40.

The Hormone PUZZLE

After Kela was able to get pregnant, she started assembling all the information about how she was able to piece her hormones back together into something other women could benefit from. “PUZZLE” stands for proper whole food nutrition, understanding supplements, zapping stress, sleep, love and encouragement, and exercise and environment.

Learn how to optimize your body and hormones to get pregnant, stay pregnant, have an easy postpartum, and eliminate symptoms of hormone imbalance today!

Guest Bio

Coach Kela is the CEO and program director of the Hormone Puzzle Society, a woman’s health hub for fertility, hormones, and pregnancy. She works with women who are struggling with infertility and hormone imbalance and teaches them how to optimize their bodies and hormones to get pregnant, stay pregnant, have a healthy super baby, and have an easy postpartum as well as eliminate symptoms of hormone imbalance. With over 20 years of experience, coach Kela focuses on a mind/body/spirit approach to fertility and optimized health.