Start Living Clean

With: Lexi Davidson

Start Living Clean

With: Lexi Davidson

About the Episode

Make better diet and lifestyle choices without feeling overwhelmed!

Join the voice and personality behind Lexi’s Clean Living, Lexi Davidson, as she discusses making better lifestyle choices in an approachable and sustainable way. She dives deep into what clean living is, easy ways to get started, and offers advice on overcoming resistance.

Listen now to start your journey to a cleaner you!

What We Discuss

What is Clean Living?

Clean Living is a lifestyle shift that focuses on reducing the toxins we expose ourselves to every day, whether through processed foods or our environment. Sustainability is vital, though, so it doesn’t mean throwing out everything in your pantry or setting unreachable goals. That will only make you feel overwhelmed.

Focusing small changes at a time will make the lifestyle shift more approachable, less intimidating, and more sustainable. Lexi doesn’t want anyone to feel overwhelmed, and she points out that you don’t have to put an elaborate dinner on the table every night. It has to be realistic for you, and it doesn’t have to be hard.

How to Start Living Cleaner

The best place to start is making minor changes to your diet and lifestyle from where you are, while considering what’s affordable and realistic. If you have an entire family to feed, swapping every ingredient right away might not be practical, and that’s okay! Sleep, stress, and so much more are part of living a clean life; it’s not just about food.

So finding where you can make the most manageable changes will set you up for success. For example, as you use up your face wash, look for a cleaner alternative to replace it. You don’t have to throw out all your expensive makeup with talc in it, but you can replace it with something better once it’s gone.

Nothing Is Ever 100%

Knowing when to give yourself grace is important, and even Lexi isn’t perfect. She has products in her house with ingredients she’s not happy about, but that she’s decided to put up with. Putting too much pressure on yourself causes stress, which isn’t healthy either! There needs to be a balance. Nothing is ever perfect, no matter what you see on Social Media.

Lexi doesn’t want anyone to think clean eating is a fix-all either. Bad things can still happen even if you do everything right. Clean eating helps support your body, but genetics and environmental factors are often out of our control, and no amount of clean eating is going to prevent some health complications. It’s more about helping mitigate the impact of what’s happening in your body and not making things worse with food.

Overcoming Common Barriers

One common struggle is making lifestyle changes when your family is not on board. In this situation, slow exposure and easing into new things can go a long way. Change is hard, and not everyone is receptive at first, but they’re going to feel better. They’re going to see that, too, they’ll become more open to it over time.

Having an open dialogue about food and what’s going on in everyone’s body is very important. You don’t want to make certain foods “bad” because you don’t want to lose your kids’ trust and have them hide things from you. You can frame it as ‘how can we be as healthy as possible and help our bodies perform the best?’ It’s never that particular foods are “bad” and that you’re bad if you eat them, but that there are better choices out there.

Also, food tastes different in different forms, so have your family try foods cooked in different ways, even if they think they don’t like it. If they try it and don’t want it, don’t force them to eat. It can take about fifteen exposures for someone to decide whether they like or dislike something, so the important thing is to keep them open to trying.

Learn to prioritize the little things, clean up your lifestyle where you can, and remember to be kind to yourself with this episode!

Guest Bio

Lexi Davidson is the voice and personality behind Lexi’s Clean Living. Since her launch in June 2013, Lexi has become an influential voice in the clean eating and clean living space. Her growing audience consistently turns to her as a leader and trusted source for delicious, nutrient-dense that friends and family love, along with guidance on living a clean and healthy lifestyle.


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