Welcome to your Member Portal!

This is where you can connect with the Five Journeys Care Team through a convenient, safe and secure environment. We have a few ways you can stay connected to us, here is how:

Athena gives you access to everything that you and your providers discuss during your appointment. This is a place for you to access your health records on your chart.

  • Access your Medical Records
  • View lab results
  • View visit notes

This is a place for you to have active communication with us as well as prepare you and our team for your visits. You will want to ensure you Download this app to make the most of your experience with us!

  • Securely Message the 5J Care Team
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Attend a Telemedicine Visit
  • Complete Pre-Check In Forms and Documents
  • Update Insurance information
  • Pay co-pays and deductibles

Need to reorder your supplements? Want to set up auto-ship? Want to discover new products? This is the place where you can do that!

  • Refill your supplements
  • Set up auto-ship
  • Discover new products