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Health on Your Terms

Our programs take you through health changes, one step at a time. Experience the journey in the privacy of your home. The programs below offer education, insights and actionable health changes to address a variety of issues. 

Sugar Detox

Free Intro Program
Despite all of the confusion about which diet to follow, one thing is for sure-we can ALL benefit from less sugar! Sugar causes a host of problems from weight gain to chronic inflammation. Get control of both in our 7-Day Sugar Detox!
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The Celiac Masterclass

Video Masterclass

Do you have Celiac Disease? Live a gluten-free life? Or suspect you could be at risk for Celiac? If you answered “YES” to any of these, this class is for you! Lead by Co-Founder Dr. Trubow and Dietician Stacie De Lucia.

Eat Your Way To Health

Dirty Girl Detox - Getting Started
We are what we eat. So let’s get that one important factor figured out, shall we? In this 4-week virtual program, we’ll help you re-train the way you think about food and give you tools for developing a healthy and tasty approach to food.
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Detox Your Life

Dirty Girl Detox - Amp It Up
Coming soon! This is for the “on-a-mission-to-get-control-of-my-life” type. We walk you through how to detox your life, discussing everything from cosmetics and toiletries to household cleaners and the paint you use for that next room refresh. It all matters!