Oncology Protocol

Therapeutic-level Vitamin C

A high level of vitamin C in the blood produces hydrogen peroxide, which is toxic to cancer cells. Slow intravenous infusion can introduce higher levels of vitamin C in the blood than oral and food supplements. Therefore, we administer a therapeutic-level dose of vitamin C into the blood stream, starting at 10 grams and then increasing it to 100 grams. This protocol is known to be effective as an adjuvant therapy for persons with breast cancer and other diseases as follows :
What does it do?
  • Mitigates side-effects of cancer treatments
  • Prevents oxidative stress
  • Helps improve immunity
  • Increases iron absorption

Oncology Protocol IV

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The Full Nitty Gritty

Some research has shown that intravenous vitamin C has a greater effect on immune enhancement than oral administration. Oral doses of vitamin C can achieve blood concentration levels of 220 micromoles per liter, which serves as an anti-oxidant and protects healthy cells against bacteria and viruses.

On the other hand, intravenously administered vitamin C can achieve up to 1,000 micromoles per liter of blood concentration levels, thus producing hydrogen peroxide, which is known to be toxic to cancer cells. Experiments have shown that in high concentrations, vitamin C serves as a pro-oxidant, which causes cancer cell death without causing any toxic side effects to the body, in contrast to chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

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Highly recommend Dr. Levitan and his staff. After mounting frustration with conventional medicine we came to Five Journeys. Thanks to Dr. Levitan and his approach to finding the cause of a problem and not just treating the symptom, progress is finally being made. We appreciate the holistic approach and are so happy we found Five Journeys.

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I am so impressed by the length of time Dr. Trubow spends with me, her thorough and holistic approach, her compassion, and her professionalism. She provides excellent medical care and advice with sensitivity and humor - so critical to my choice in whom I trust with my health.

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I have been seeing Dr Levitan and their nutritionist for about 6 months now and am thrilled with their service and my results! Addressed a variety of issues based on test results and am feeling better than I have in the last 10 years! Go see them!