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We Function As Your True Health Companion


Our goal is to help you be healthy, vibrant and alive until you are 100.  It requires partnership, a comprehensive approach, and most importantly, time.  

Members Enjoy These Benefits:

Extended Appointments
Same Day/Next Day Appointments
Extended Hours
Minimal Wait Times
Office Amenities
Panel Limits
Care Coordination
Secure Electronic Health Record

Membership Enables us to:

  • Give you longer visits
  • Really get to know you
  • Personalize your health plan to address your unique needs
  • Get to the root of the problem, so you feel better than you ever have before!

Member Pricing (Monthly)

1st Year: First Family Member
1st Year: Second Family Member
1st Year: Third Family Member
1st Year: Fourth Family Member
Fifth Family Member and more
No charge

Please note: Family members are defined as individuals sharing the same health insurance plan. After your first year at Five Journeys, your membership is discounted 30%.

Concierge Care

Concierge level membership is appropriate for individuals who are looking for exclusive, 24/7 access to their physician, even longer visits, and off-hours appointments. Our concierge patients also tend to be people who are committed to longevity and want the most up-to-date tools to live long, vibrant and purposeful lives.

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