Post-op Support

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If you’ve recently undergone surgery and are worried about the length of your recovery and the risk of developing postoperative complications, it’s advisable to opt for this IV therapy. This treatment will help you regain your health and recover faster post your surgery.
  • Speeds up recovery after surgery
  • Replenishes the body’s nutrients
  • Re-energizes the body
  • Reduces risk of complications

The Full Nitty Gritty

Whether you’ve undergone emergency or elective surgery, the risk of developing post-op complications and a slow recovery rate could be troubling concerns. We understand that a surgery impacts the body and mind, and can accordingly affect your daily routine and throw you off your game for a while.

Therefore, we have designed this IV treatment specifically to help you recover faster post your surgery, so that you can get back to your life and on your feet quickly. Put your worries behind you and re-energize your body, mind and spirit by opting for this IV therapy.

Hear directly from our customers

Highly recommend Dr. Levitan and his staff. After mounting frustration with conventional medicine we came to Five Journeys. Thanks to Dr. Levitan and his approach to finding the cause of a problem and not just treating the symptom, progress is finally being made. We appreciate the holistic approach and are so happy we found Five Journeys.
Erica Andrews