IV, Push, or Booster: The Most Effective Way to Get Your Vitamins

IV, Push, or Booster: The Most Effective Way to Get Your Vitamins

We all know that our bodies rely on vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to function. Unfortunately, our modern diets and depleted soil have caused nutrient deficiencies to run rampant throughout the United States. Over time, these deficiencies lead to a myriad of health conditions, cosmetic issues, and symptoms that have a negative impact on your quality of life. So what can you do to get back to feeling amazing and enjoying your life to the fullest? 


You may think that taking an over-the-counter oral vitamin supplement will do the trick, but unfortunately, that just won’t get the job done. Most oral vitamins that you can purchase at your local pharmacy or grocery store are ineffective at addressing individualized deficiencies. Bummer! 


Multi-vitamins are notorious for having suboptimal quantities of crucial vitamins, and other supplements such as iron capsules can lead to serious health complications if used incorrectly. So let’s talk about the alternatives to oral supplements – vitamin injections! There are three different types of vitamin injections, push, booster, and IV – let’s compare them to find out which option is best for you!


Push Injections

Imagine if, just like a flu shot, you could get a shot of concentrated vitamins. That’s exactly what push injections are! They are an intramuscular injection that administers vitamins deep into the muscle so they can be easily absorbed in the bloodstream. If you’ve ever had a flu shot before, you’ll recognize that the flu shot and vitamin shots are administered using the same type of needle.


The shots are delivered through the upper arm or the buttocks because they have the most muscle mass in the body. Having adequate muscle mass is essential for a successful injection, because muscles are filled with blood vessels. Injecting vitamins through a layer of subcutaneous fat would be far less effective, as the vitamins would not have the ability to circulate through the body, which is essential to getting optimal results! 


Intramuscular vitamin shots are absorbed by the body rather slowly, so you won’t feel much different immediately following your injection. However, the vitamins do tend to stay and circulate through the body for longer periods of time.


Vitamin Boosters

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to detox your body, improve weight loss results, protect your cells, or enhance your athletic performance, you may want to try a vitamin booster! 


Vitamin booster shots are administered in just seconds, and are a fast and easy way to enhance your focus, improve your energy levels, and even boost your metabolism and immune system – hence the name BOOSTER! These shots are absorbed into your circulatory system through the muscle, and are highly bioavailable which means your body can begin using them immediately. Since the vitamin content in each shot is so concentrated, you’ll get about one week’s worth of vitamins within seconds! That means you’ll no longer have to worry about having to remember to take your vitamins every day!


Unlike oral vitamins, which have a much lower absorption rate, vitamin boosters don’t have to pass through the digestive system before being absorbed into the bloodstream. That means that you’re getting high levels of vitamin goodness, and more bang for your buck! Win-win!


Another added bonus is that you also get to avoid all of the fillers, binders, and mystery ingredients that are often included with oral supplements. These additives can decrease the quality of the supplement, and affect their overall effectiveness.


Intravenous (IV) Therapy

When you purchase an oral vitamin supplement, you’re taking a shot in the dark when it comes to absorption efficiency. The vitamin levels are not tailored to your body or needs, so there’s no guarantee that you are taking the correct amount. Even if you are, oral supplements are not bioavailable, which means your body can only absorb so much of what they have to offer. You may find yourself having to swallow a dozen capsules of various vitamins every morning just to keep up with your body’s demands. In the end, most oral supplements are not worth the money you pay for them. No one has time for that!


With IV therapy, you take the guesswork out of supplementation. The vitamins are administered intravenously, which means they are injected directly into your bloodstream. You can select a customized blend based on your symptoms and needs during each treatment, so you can address the individual aspects of your own health. What works wonders for one person, may not work for you! That’s why customization is so important when it comes to vitamin consumption.


Even better is the incredible absorption rate of IV therapy treatments. Even if you eat a nutrient-rich diet, your body must first metabolize the food before you can reap the benefits. That means that the nutrients go through your volatile digestive system first, diminishing their bioavailability. When you get your nutrients through IV therapy, your body can absorb all of the goodness since they bypass the digestive process, and are delivered directly to your bloodstream! You will immediately feel the benefits, which means you’ll begin feeling better much faster.


Do you want to know one of the best parts of IV therapy? The vitamins that are injected are mixed into a bag of fluid that is used to administer your custom nutrient blend. You know what that means – hydration! Whether you’re dealing with a nasty hangover, or you just don’t have time to drink liters of water every day, we’ve got you covered! A nice boost in hydration will compliment the effects of the vitamin injections, making you feel like you can conquer the world!


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