Improve Your Sleep, Boost Your Immunity

Sleep deprivation can quickly lead to a suppressed immune system and increased likelihood of infection (1,2). Sleep directly supports your body in its own ability to mount a defense against an infection by producing protective proteins called cytokines.  In addition, studies have shown that long term sleep disruption and poor sleep quality are linked to a number of chronic diseases (3,4).  

Ok, ok we get it, we need to prioritize quality sleep, but how? With a little more time on our hands during this pandemic we can all use a little sleep hygiene refresh! Check out the latest in sleep hygiene tips below (ps 7-9 hours nightly is optimal):

Same Bedtime, Same Waketime

Make it a priority to try to get to bed and wake up around the same time each day (if you usually go to bed at 10pm on weekdays, shoot for a goal of hitting the hay within that hour on weekends!)

Let There Be Light!

Get exposed to natural light daily-morning is best and multiple times a day if you can is great-even if it’s cloudy!

Disconnect to the Tech

Create boundaries with your technological devices; avoid exposure to blue light via a cell phone or laptop within 1-2 hours of bedtime

Exercise Regularly

Studies show that exercise improves sleep habits (5); just make sure not to exercise too late into the evening!


Avoid caffeine after 2pm- a simple concept but difficult for many to adhere to!

Bedtime Belly

Avoid going to bed with a full tummy! Research has shown that eating late can affect sleep patterns negatively (6). Shoot for a goal of finishing your last meal 3 hours before bedtime.


Choose a quiet solo activity before falling asleep to get your body and mindset towards sleep-mode like meditation, mindful breathing, stretching or journaling. 

Dark, Cold & Calm

Consider room darkening curtains to get your bedroom as dark as possible. If able, adjust your thermostat-optimal sleeping conditions are around 60-70 degrees fahrenheit. Calming colors like blues and greens as well as soothing smells like lavender or jasmine essential oils all promote sleepiness.

Consider a Boost

Check out our favorite supplements for sleep in conjunction with the tips above-NED full spectrum hemp oil, Liposomal GABA, Good Night, or Melatonin PR. All are available to you in the 5journeys shop!


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