How to “Healthify” Your Holiday Eating Ritual

Do you have a holiday party or two on your radar with others to come?  Not to fear! Use my simple tips below to help you to better navigate the holiday eating scene in a way that is body-nourishing!  Instead of falling into old habits that cause you to pack on extra belly bloat or discomfort I invite you to integrate new ones your body will thank you for.

Soothe your stress around holiday eating with my tips below:


  • Bring your own veggies!  This seems like a no brainer but I always recommend making sure to bring a veggie dish to the get together you’re attending.  That way, regardless of the other options provided you know that there will always be something nutrient-packed that you can pile your plate with.  I recommend my Perfect Brussels or Roasted Garlic Cauli Mash recipes included in my Gluten Free/Dairy Free Thanksgiving Recipe Guide for inspiration!

Sit Don’t Stand

  • Rule of thumb to eating more mindfully-confine eating to when you are sitting down at a table vs. standing.  This alone will help you eat more intuitively when it comes to the appetizer table. Not only does this help you better regulate overeating, our bodies will better maximize digestion and absorption in a ‘rested and digested’ state-difficult to do when we are standing and less in tune with what we are eating.  Assemble yourself a plate, grab a friend to laugh with and sit the heck down!

Count Colors Not Calories

  • Think of your plate as a paint palette-how many natural sources of color can you fill it with?  You do your body a far bigger benefit to fill a large plate with butternut squash, baked green beans, roasted beets, brussels sprouts and turkey than you do with a half filled plate of mashed potatoes and stuffing alone.  Try your best to fill 75% of your plate with plant-rich colorful dishes without too many added sources of carbohydrates and leave less room for the others.

Don’t Fear Fat

  • Fat is a vital component to our meal-it not only helps us feel satiated and adds richness, it also provides numerous body benefits from gut health support to blood sugar reduction.  Choose healthy plant based fats such as olive, avocado or coconut oil and grass fed butter or ghee if your body can tolerate dairy foods. Avoid margarines such as Crisco and processed vegetable oils like canola oil as they can contribute to an inflammatory response.  Choose appetizers high in healthy solid fats such as olives, avocado, and nuts or seeds.

Sleuth Your Way to Lower Sugar

  • Did you join in on the Five Journeys Sugar Detox?  If not check out my ‘Hidden Sources of Sugar’ blog here. On a holiday table, the sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, dishes with dried fruits or jams/jellies and of course, desserts can be high sugar sources.  If you’re someone who enjoys something sweet-choose one favorite from the dinner meal or the dessert table and allow yourself to fully experience it. Get present, eat it slowly, savor the mouthfeel and tune in to the smell and taste-enjoy without regret!

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