How to Have More Energy Without the Horrible Caffeine Crash

This can be a vicious circle, so it’s important to know that there may be a little pain in this, since if you’re addicted to coffee you’re going to need to wean down in order for this to work.

Get enough sleep! 

Go to bed by 10:30 pm to avoid kicking your adrenals into overdrive

Decrease your morning coffee

We recommend cutting your coffee intact by half to start.

Eat enough protein and fat

So you actually have the things you need to get energy!

Avoid sugar

Sugar will give you a high at first but you will then crash hard from it.


Meditation can be very restful. Meditating before bed can relax your mind, causing you to sleep better. Meditating in the morning can relax you right off the bat so you have more energy throughout the day.


Have you ever noticed that you have more energy after exercising? However, if you’re absolutely exhausted we recommend doing something gentle such as walking or a quick 10 minute arm workout. You’re still moving your body without completely tiring yourself out.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol might seem like it gives you a boost of energy at first, however many alcohols are filled with sugar. Giving you bad hangovers and making you crash later on.

Boost your adrenals with adaptogens

For this we recommend taking Nanomojo and AdrenAlign.

Manage the things that suck your energy…

Such as toxic people, stressful situations, and breakdowns.

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