How to Detox Your Kitchen (Going Beyond the Food!)

Plastics, synthetic chemicals and heavy metals can be lurking everywhere in a seemingly clean kitchen. Beyond buying organic and local foods it is important to think about the items you’re using to store, cook and refrigerate your food in! If this feels overwhelming do not fear! I have done the work for you-I’ve identified the common toxic culprits and provided links to the nontoxic replacements I recommend. Bonus: the below ideas make great gifts for those trying to live a cleaner lifestyle 🙂

Tupper-worn out!

Get rid of your plastic tupperware and replace with glass or stainless steel containers. The BPA in plastic easily leaches into your food and deposits into your bodily tissues. It mimics the action of estrogen (a female hormone) and can disrupt everything from metabolism to sleep.

Here are some that I recommend:


Watch use of plastic spatulas and spoons/etc for cooking-heating plastic is even worse than plastic on its own! Stick to wooden, bamboo or medical grade silicone and don’t forget to change over your measuring cups to stainless steel or these bamboo ones I’ve mentioned below!

Cleaners beware!

Household cleaners are jacked up with all sorts of disease promoting chemicals one of the most common being Phthalates (typically found in anything with the word fragrance on the label). These are now known endocrine disruptors (think hormones and reproductive organs) in both males and females. Beware of the difference between ‘natural’ and ‘nontoxic’: these common brands all contain toxic chemicals-Seventh Generation, Method, Mrs. Meyers, Honest Company & Green Works.

Wrap it up safely

Avoid the urge to use plastic wrap or aluminum foil-switch to non-toxic beeswax wrap (it’s reusable!) or unbleached parchment paper. The bleaching chemicals can affect your immune system and reproductive organs and the aluminum overexposure has been linked to increased Alzheimer’s risk. Look for chlorine or dioxin-free on labels!

Kick out your ziplocs

Again, due to unwanted plastic exposure in your food; are you seeing a theme here?

To stick or to non-stick?!

Go for high-quality stainless steel, cast iron or ceramic cookware; the nonstick coating contains polychlorofluorocarbons which can leach carcinogens right into your food! An extra perk of using cast iron is it helps naturally support iron levels for those that are low in the mineral. For casserole dishes-go for glass when you can!