Holiday Booze Buzz

What’s the lesser of the evils?

Of course, less is more when it comes to drinking alcohol in the context of watching your waistline, healing your gut and supporting optimal well being.  But, as the holidays are now in full swing, eliminating it all together may not be totally necessary! What’re the better options to choose from the bunch?
My top healthy picks below:


If you’re trying to stay “keto”: Dry gin martini with olives

Why? Flavored from juniper berries, gin has a small dose of added antioxidants! It is also one of the lowest carbohydrate drinks you can choose as the sugar has been fermented out of it.  The olives add a boost of healthy fats!

If you have a sensitive stomach: Old Fashioned

This drink is typically made with whiskey or brandy-both generally low in FODMAPS-special types of carbohydrates that can cause gas, bloating and digestive upset. Additionally, it contains bitters-a natural digestive aid to soothe the stomach. Ditch the simple syrup and add a few drops of liquid stevia instead!

If you’re gluten free but miss having beer: Citizen Cider Dry Ale-Style

This brand of dryer cider uses locally sourced apples and omits sulfites and potassium sorbate. This flavor, called ‘Wit’s Up’ has no added sugar and tastes more like a dry champagne or lighter beer than a cider. Since beer (gluten free or not) is typically fermented from grains which can be more inflammatory, this cider is a great grain free alternative!

If you’re a sweet craver but trying to lose weight: Pomegranate Sparkler

Combine a Sparkling Brut or Extra Brut Wine with a splash of pomegranate juice- you’ll get a higher dose of antioxidants from the pomegranate than you would from green tea or red wine! Also, a dry sparkling white wine is one of the lowest residual sugar wines you can choose-ie the sugar that is not fermented and can cause blood sugar spikes and a bloated tummy!

If you want to save cals and keep it simple: Titos Vodka & soda

This gluten free vodka is like the ‘sisterhood of travelling pants’ of alcohol-from those with gut troubles to weight loss needs to severe allergies- this vodka is well tolerated by most! Add a squeeze of lime and you’re good to go!


As a general rule of thumb, ALWAYS drink with food and make sure to drink at least as much water as alcohol (ie if you have 2 drinks, at least two full cups of water to compensate)

Happy holidays!