High dose Vitamin C

Prevent Oxidative Stress

Vitamin C is a nutrient that is not naturally occurring in the body; thus, it must be derived from food or dietary supplements. Vitamin C prevents oxidative stress and plays a key role in making collagen in the body. A lack of vitamin C can cause scurvy disease. And it has been shown to benefit patients with cancer and heart disease. Some general benefits include:

What does it do?
  • Prevents oxidative stress
  • Increases iron absorption
  • Helps improve immunity
  • Boosts mood and energy

Vitamin C IV


*discounts available for packages of 10 or more.

The Full Nitty Gritty

Higher levels of vitamin C can reach your body through slow intravenous infusion rather than oral and food supplements. Vitamin C is important to improve your immunity and iron absorption in the body, especially if you are suffering from chronic or heart diseases.

Research has also shown that highdose vitamin C administered intravenously helps cancer patients lead a better quality of life, as it is toxic to cancer cells. Overall, this IV therapy serves as a powerful antioxidant and helps you manage your disease.

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I have been seeing Dr Trubow for almost 2 years and she is a wonderful doctor. She always takes the time to listen and to find a path that is right for me, not just medically, but also philosophically. Her approach is holistic and natural. I recommend her to all my female friends!

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Highly recommend Dr. Levitan and his staff. After mounting frustration with conventional medicine we came to Five Journeys. Thanks to Dr. Levitan and his approach to finding the cause of a problem and not just treating the symptom, progress is finally being made. We appreciate the holistic approach and are so happy we found Five Journeys.

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I love 5 Journeys, longtime supporters of the owners and believe that the type of health and wellness care they're delivering is life changing. Especially for those who need it most. They approach all aspects of balance, including your physical/structural health, emotional, social, sense of purpose (what drives and motivates you), chemical (nutrients, vitamins etc.,) and then help you understand what plans need to be in place to impact change. It's a true partnership with you at the center.

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I am so impressed by the length of time Dr. Trubow spends with me, her thorough and holistic approach, her compassion, and her professionalism. She provides excellent medical care and advice with sensitivity and humor - so critical to my choice in whom I trust with my health.

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I have been seeing Dr Levitan and their nutritionist for about 6 months now and am thrilled with their service and my results! Addressed a variety of issues based on test results and am feeling better than I have in the last 10 years! Go see them!