Healthy Stocking Stuffer Guide

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All items included are gender-neutral, under $25, and focused on improving whole body health!


  1. Digestive Bitters

    Holiday bloating got ‘ya down?  Spritz some of these before or after meals to give your digestive tract a helping hand by reducing gas, bloat and acid reflux symptoms

  2. Immuno Berry*

    Avoid the sniffles! This liquid supplement contains elderberry and immune boosting mushrooms to both prevent and shorten colds and sickness all winter long!

  3. Vital Protein Packets*

    Convenient gut-healing protein to add to your coffee, hot cereal or yogurt on the go!  Bonus: It has skin, bone and joint health benefits as well.

  4. Weleda Skin Food

    Toxin-free, ultra hydrating hand cream-even applying once in the morning the effects are noticeable all day long!

  5. Stasher Bags

    Non-plastic reusable sandwich and snack-size baggies!  These are super versatile in that you can store them in the fridge, freezer, heat in them and they’re also dishwasher friendly

  6. Reusable Produce Bags

    The gift that gives back-join the reduce plastic movement by eliminating your use of those plastic produce bags!  These are reusable, machine washable and BPA/heavy metal free!

  7. Go Purepod Walter Filter

    A tiny portable water filter that filters out 99% of lead and arsenic, 97% of chlorine and fluoride and increases electrolytes; I love bringing mine on planes and any kind of travel!

  8. Nuun

    Electrolyte boosters that are only sweetened with monk fruit; a keto-friendly sweetener that tastes yummy and is easily thrown in a purse or gym bag

  9. Nuttzo Nut Butter Packets 

    Peanut-free nut butter packets to bring on the go with a mix of many types of nuts-I go nutty for these!

  10. Native Deodorant

    An aluminum, paraben, sulfate-free deodorant that actually works!  I love the coconut vanilla scent (they have men/women scents both!) and their products are never tested on animals!

  11. Chomps*

    Grassfed beef and venison sticks for a portable, shelf-stable dose of highly absorbable protein!

  12. Cellar Door Candles

    Scented candles can emit countless carcinogens into the air when burned-choose this brand of non-toxic candles made from sustainable coconut wax, beeswax and essential oils!


  13. Five Minute Meditations Book

    Easy, do-it-anywhere mindfulness tips for every single day of the year!

  14. Lavender Essential Oils

    Organic, calming oils for the restless sleeper or anxious flyer; I use mine nightly before bed

  15. Silicone Straws

    BPA-free, reusable and break-proof silicone straws for your smoothie or iced coffee sippin’  These are not only adult and kid friendly-they greatly reduce our environmental impact!

*= Available to buy in office at Five Journeys!