Healthier Halloween Candy Guide

As we approach Halloween and the holiday season, allowing yourself or your kiddos some sweets and treats can totally be part of a balanced lifestyle!  Use the list below for guidance on cleaner candy options that don’t allow you to stray far from your healthy eating plan. As a bonus, all listed are free of gluten, artificial colors, flavorings, dyes and additives!

Smart Sweets

The “healthified” take on swedish fish, gummy bears and sour patch kids we’ve all been waiting for!  These are free of added sugar and any artificial sweeteners/colors/flavors in addition to being made in a dedicated gluten, peanut, tree-nut, dairy, soy and casein free-facility.  They are just sweetened with a little bit of stevia-a natural sweetener derived from a leaf that does not stimulate a blood sugar spike. Bonus-these have prebiotic fiber added-a source of “food” to help your good gut bacteria flourish!

UnReal Candy

A healthier take on some childhood favorites- M&Ms, peanut M&Ms and Reese’s cups-their colorful candies use natural food-based dyes from things like beets and turmeric!  All of their tasty chocolate treats happen to be certified gluten free, fair trade, vegan, organic and free of GMOs.

Eating Evolved

Chocolate bars and nut butter cups, all products are certified organic, dairy free, gluten free, paleo, and vegan.   All products have a simple ingredient list and sweeteners range from stevia to coconut sugar-a lower glycemic sweetener.  The darker the better-the 100% coconut cacao bar is chock full of cancer fighting antioxidants!

Wholesome Candies

Do you have a child with numerous allergies?!  Not to fear-this company makes gummies, lollipops and jelly beans that are made and packaged in a facility free of the 10 most common food allergens, including dairy/casein, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish, shellfish, sesame and sulfites!  They are also fair trade certified, corn syrup free and vegan.

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