A Functional Medicine Doctor in Boston Shares 6 Secrets to Treating Gut Issues

A Functional Medicine Doctor in Boston Shares 6 Secrets to Treating Gut Issues


Functional medicine doctors rely on natural methods to treat gut issues whenever possible. A standard hospital practitioner might recommend prescription drugs or surgery to address gut symptoms. However, both of these treatments come with unpleasant side effects. 


At Five Journeys, a functional medicine practice in Boston, we believe that health and vitality are possible at any age. Our passion is to help you find it, and often, the body is capable of healing itself. The body doesn’t need pills or invasive procedures to thrive. And when the body can’t completely heal on its own, we suggest healthy, non-toxic supplements that aid in the healing process.


The gut is no exception.


Most Americans suffer from gut issues due to poor diet and high-stress levels. Our functional medicine doctors in Boston treat these conditions on a daily basis, and the number one question patients ask is, “What can I do to relieve gut discomfort?” Thankfully, there are many natural remedies for gut issues, and in many cases, the gut will begin to heal itself over time.


Not sure whether your current pain and discomfort stem from a gut imbalance? We recommend you read this article on “What are Symptoms of Gut Issues and How to Treat Them?”


Here are six strategies for treating gut issues recommended by our Boston functional medicine doctors. 

Six Strategies for Treating Gut Issues


1. Lower stress 

Stress can harm the lining of your digestive tract, causing toxins and bacteria to slip into your bloodstream. Too much stress might even lead to ulcers. But direct damage to the gut isn’t the only reason to lower your stress levels.

Stress also impacts your immune system. If you are constantly anxious and on edge, your body won’t be able to use its natural tools to repair your gut. Therefore, it’s important to focus on relaxation and rest.

To lower stress, try deep breathing, reducing screen time, seeing a therapist, and exercising regularly. 

Need more advice? Our Boston doctors wrote a blog on this topic called Treating Anxiety With Functional Medicine   


2. Get enough sleep

If you get less than 7-8 hours of sleep a night, you may find out you have gut issues. Sleep allows the body to recover after a long day of activity. Sleep also improves digestion. Lack of sleep will inversely increase your stress levels and harm your immune system.


3. Increase Probiotics

Probiotics and natural supplements can help rebuild your gut. What does it mean to rebuild your gut? Your body is full of millions of bacteria and organisms that aid in nutrient absorption, system regulation, and neural communication. This is called your microbiome. Probiotics replenish this store of organisms and thus help support a healthy microbiome.


4. Try a Detox 

Sometimes, your body needs to reset to begin the healing process. A digestive detox is an excellent way to cleanse your system of toxins and give the gut time to rest. You’ll rid your body of inflammatory agents, and most patients report feeling extremely energized once the detox is over.

For example, our Sugar Detox program developed by functional medicine doctors in Boston is an extremely popular tool for cutting unhealthy foods out of your diet. Give it a try by clicking the link above! A detox should be conducted under the supervision of a medical professional. Don’t try a detox at home. Consult with one of our qualified practitioners first.


5. IV Therapy

IV therapy can effectively support gut healing. Our specially tailored “cocktails” deliver essential nutrients and supplements directly to your bloodstream for quick absorption. We recommend a variety of IV therapies to go alongside your gut restoration treatments. An Immune Booster equips your body to fight off toxins and foreign bodies, while our Anxiety Relief promotes healing by toning down your fight or flight response. Patients consistently report how much they love IV therapy because it is safe, convenient, and effective.


6. Eliminate Food Allergens

Hives, itchy mouth, and anaphylaxis are all common symptoms of a food allergy. But did you know that food allergens can also harm your gut? Your body cannot properly digest foods it wants to reject, and instead, it activates the immune system and causes inflammation inside the digestive tract. If you continue eating food you’re allergic to, you may end up with leaky gut as the inflammation wears down the lining of your stomach and intestines.

The functional medicine doctors at Five Journeys in Boston can help you determine if you’re struggling with a food allergy. Learn more about our diet and nutrition services.  


The Gut is Complicated. Our Treatments are Straightforward.


The gut is made up of billions of organisms that affect nearly every function of the body, but despite the gut’s incredible complexity, treatment can be simple. At Five Journeys, we believe that health and vitality are possible at any age. In most cases, our patients discover relief by following a manageable, personalized treatment plan.


Our commitment to your health journey won’t be shaken. If your gut issues linger, we won’t give up searching for a solution. We won’t recommend unnecessary surgeries. And we won’t prescribe you a dozen medications that cause more side effects than they’re worth.


Our functional medicine doctors in Boston offer a natural alternative to gut restoration. To learn more and schedule a free consultation, reach out to our team today!