Dr. Trubow’s Favorite At Home Workouts

Sometime after my second child was born, I realized that actually going to the gym and taking classes was for my other life…you know, the one before children.  After my second child, I just couldn’t seem to fit it into my schedule. Not to mention that just going to and from the gym took up 35 minutes…essentially one workout of time!

So I started exercising at home and over the years have done a number of different things to stay fit.

Here are my favorite ones:


Fluidity.com. This is one of my favorites, although it involves some up front investment in the pilates barre.  It has multiple different levels, and each level has 3 levels of difficulty within it.  It’s fantastic for core strength and helpful with toning, and can assist with helping back pain.


My hands down favorite one is Zumba; they have a ton of different programs, and levels available depending on your ability. They even added a step option in recently.  


I’ve just started doing “Core De Force” by Beachbody (and by the way they have a ton of programs, but since I haven’t done them yet I can’t comment on how good they are, but it’s worth checking out!).  This is all about core conditioning and fat loss, and at almost 50, this is now my focus!


TRX.  This system is best used with someone who can supervise you and correct your technique at first, but this provides a total body toning experience.  

Over the years I’ve also done a lot of workouts from Prevention, and find them to have a range of options great for every level of exercise needs.

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