COVID-19 Grocery Safety Tips

If you feel able, going to the grocery store can totally be done in a safe manner! If you do venture out, follow these helpful tips to stay safe and sickness-free.

Go early!  

Check when the store opens and go then-many stores are offering the first hour of the day to 65+ shoppers only and the early hours in general are the least busy

Once a week rule

Keep your grocery trips to once a week or less so you’re limiting your exposure to other shoppers and helping to minimize the hoarding-like demand that the stores are experiencing

Leave your phone in the car

Touching your phone and bringing that home with you can be a huge carrier of germs!

Sanitize reasonably

Use sanitizing wipes on the grocery cart and use hand sanitizer after leaving the store

Social distance

Keep a safe distance from other shoppers! Per the government guidelines you should try your best to keep 6 feet between you and others; what the heck does that mean? About the length of a twin or a full size mattress 

Masks on!

The CDC has changed it’s original guidelines and is now encouraging that everyone wear masks when they leave their home.  There is no need for N-95 masks-save those for the healthcare workers!  Wrap a big scarf over your mouth/nose or make your own cloth mask-we found a great step by step guide here.

Wash your hands!!

Need I say more?

Absolutely avoid touching your face

Keep your hands out of your nose, eyes, mouth; wash hands for at least 40 seconds before you eat any meals or snacks

Wash your produce

Wash all produce in a bucket of water and splash of apple cider vinegar when you get home-let it soak for 5-10 minutes

Stay Calm

This may be the most important guideline next to washing your hands. Do not panic-your risk of getting the virus from touching items in a store is quite low and your risk of becoming susceptible to the virus increases the more we allow panic and stress to set in. Stay calm, take a deep breath and focus on the present moment-enjoying your yummy food!

Click Here For COVID-19 Grocery Guidance


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