Butt Massage Techniques, Help Relieve Back Pain!

From foam rollers to massage balls, follow these techniques to help relieve back pain:

Massage Balls (Set of 3)

Lie on yoga mat with elbows on the ground. You’ll want to put the ball underneath your butt, and then move the ball around to relieve pain. TIP: focus on areas that are particularly uncomfortable. To make it harder, you can cross your ankle over your other knee. The smaller the ball, the more uncomfortable it may be. Continually switch sides and feel the relief!

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Foam Roll

The IT band can cause back or knee pain if it’s too tight. Use a foam roller on both IT bands and move it up and down legs bilaterally. Make sure to stop at the knee. You can also turn onto your front and bend your leg while on the foam roller. If you’ve been foam rolling for years, consider a harder option: get a foam roller with ridges/bumps (“rumble roller”) and repeat these techniques. Adjust the pressure as tolerated for all of these exercises!

Foam Roller

Rumble Roller


Here is a list of stretches that you can do on a daily basis that can help with back pain:

  • Kneeling lunge stretch – go into a lunge position & kneel. Continuously switch sides.
  • Back flexion stretch – lay on your back and pull both of your knees up to your chest.
  • Piriformis muscle stretch – lay on your back and put your left ankle up on your right leg, then pull up.
  • Chair hamstring stretch – While sitting on a chair, put your leg up on a chair and reach for your toes. Switch sides!

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