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4 Reasons Why You Need a Sugar Detox

by Stacie De Lucia, RD April 28, 2021

Have you been suffering from sugar cravings, mood swings, excess bloating and fatigue? 

It may be time to quit sugar! As a country, we tend to overconsume added sugar in our diets, as the typical American eats 66 POUNDS of added sugar per person, per year!

Beyond being a source of empty calories without any nutrient or healing benefit to your body, excess sugar in the diet has been correlated with a slew of poor health outcomes-from Diabetes to Alzheimers.  A sugar detox can benefit all of us by resetting our taste buds to prefer a lower sugar palate.  It also inherently reduces our processed carbohydrate intake to shrink our waistlines!

Still not convinced why you need a sugar detox?  See the specific reasons below as to why our week long detox can benefit you:

Brain Fog

Overconsumption of sugar causes our pancreas to constantly pump out insulin (a hormone that grabs the sugar out of your blood and stores it in the body as fat when in excess), and can lead to insulin resistance. Insulin not only regulates our blood sugar, but it also supports the function of our brain cells by strengthening the synaptic connections between them, helping them to communicate better and thereby form stronger memories (1). Therefore, as we over-consume sugar and build up a resistance to insulin, our memory, and brain function slow down, causing brain fog. 

Healthy Weight

Added sugar has been numerously linked to excess weight and body fat. Why? Sugar can be addicting, causing your body to crave higher consumptions of these low nutrient dense foods; it contains empty calories that rarely make you feel full and satiated; and, as mentioned earlier, it can lead to insulin resistance putting stress on the organs, and slowing down the metabolism processes of the body.

Mental Health

Have you ever noticed symptoms of mood swings, irritability, or depression when consuming more processed foods? It may be attributed to the added sugar content. Not only does sugar increase inflammation in the body, it wreaks havoc on the gut, which is directly linked to serotonin production, our “feel-good” neurotransmitter. Not to mention, when we get a sugar rush and crash from up and down spikes of blood sugar levels, we tend to feel sluggish, slow, and even down in the dumps.


Not only do we get a sugar rush and crash after eating excess sugar, we also mess with a chemical in our bodies called Orexin. Orexin’s job is to regulate appetite, and wakefulness. When we eat more sugar, it lowers orexin levels due to the body expending more energy to break down and process the sugar consumed, causing us to feel tired and unsatiated (2). Since the sugar has virtually no nutritional value, we are actually expending more energy to process it, than getting any energy out of it, like we usually do with our nutrient dense whole foods.

Join us on my 1 week sugar detox to nourish and reset your body with our simple, healing, whole foods approach!