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Sugar Detox FAQ

by Ashley Inman September 16, 2018

As the Sugar Detox Challenge commences, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you get started on the sugar detox.

Is sugar really that bad?

  • Current research is very supportive of the linkage between excess sugar intake and an increased risk of multiple chronic diseases.  Most of us in this country are over consuming it because of its addictive qualities-one study done with rats proved it was more addictive than cocaine!
  • Need more convincing? Refer to my blog post on the Five Journeys website: Here’s Why You Need a Sugar Detox for more detailed information.

How can I prepare?

  • Use my Top 6 Places Sugar Could Be Hiding In Your Diet blog to do a clean sweep of your pantry and fridge.
    • Check food packaging labels for where sugar may be hiding in its many forms (corn syrup, honey, agave, maple syrup, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, glucose, sucrose, brown rice syrup, cane sugar/juice/syrup, coconut sugar, fruit juice concentrate, dates ALL mean sugar!)
      • Use this infographic for more assistance deciphering out words that are the equivalent of added sugars:
    • Once you find the culprits either throw them away or hide them (out of sight out of mind)
  • Use my grocery list and recipes to do your shopping before the 17th so that you can participate along with me!  I recommend cooking most recipes ahead of time so that you aren’t stuck cooking a lot during the week.
  • Make sure to have snack options from my meal plan on hand in your house so that you don’t set yourself up for failure when hunger strikes!
  • Grab a buddy and get your friends/family involved-you’re more likely to stay on track if those around you are aware of your plan and can keep you held accountable!
  • Take a deep breath!
    • You’ve got this!  What a better way to reset your body on a healthy track than with nourishing, tasty and plant-based recipes!

Can I drink coffee or alcohol on the detox?

  • Yes-BUT I would strongly recommend limiting coffee to 1 cup daily during the detox and tea to 1-2 cups caffeinated tea daily to reduce overall stimulation and liver burden.  Make sure you aren’t adding any sugar to the coffee and that there isn’t any hiding in your creamer.  Honey in your tea counts as sugar so I recommend doing without.  Please avoid ALL alcohol during the detox as it breaks down to sugar in the body-remember it’s only 5 days :).

What can I expect to feel?

  • Most of you should feel more energy, improved digestion, less bloating, better sleep, and increased mental clarity.  You may feel some cravings in the beginning but these should go away soon after removing all processed sugar sources from your diet.  Refer to my handout coming on Day 2 of the detox: ‘How to Crack a Sugar Craving’.
  • In some cases, if your body has been used to a high processed sugar or carbohydrate diet for quite some time, you may feel a little bit worse in the beginning of the detox.  This is likely due to your body mobilizing stored toxins and adjusting to increased fiber intake. If you feel awful the entire detox then this is a sign that you need additional detoxing support.  In this case I would strongly recommend calling our office to schedule a one-on-one follow up with me for an in-depth individualized full body detox plan.

What if I’m fasting related to a religious holiday/etc during the detox?

  • No problem!  Simply follow whatever fasting guidelines per your beliefs and come off of the fast with one of my recipes-I recommend starting with one of the breakfast smoothie recipes.  Why? They have a small dose of high fiber carbs from berries/veggies to balance out your blood sugar gently and your digestion will likely tolerate liquids better after not eating for an extended time period.

What if I have more questions?

  • Feel free to send your questions via a direct message through the 5 Journeys instagram or via email (

Can I dine out during the detox?

  • No, I recommend that you follow the meal plan as provided for best results.  Try your best to eat your detox meal before heading to a restaurant and if you have to order something there go for non-starchy veggies (ie green salad, cooked broccoli) with a healthy fat source (ie olive oil, coconut oil or avocado).

Can I take supplements while on the detox?

  • Please continue to take all doctor recommended vitamins, supplements, medications while on the detox. This detox is only food-based so there should not be any worry of interactions with medications or supplements. If you would like some supplement guidance relevant to blood sugar control stay tuned for my nutrition tidbit on Friday (Day 5) where I give a few herbal supplement recommendations for added sugar detox support.