Father’s Day Gifts

by Stacie De Lucia, RD June 9, 2021


A great way to inspire dad to eat healthier, is to get him involved in the kitchen! A cookbook as a gift is a great way to start. Here are a few of our favorites that make cooking desirable while keeping it fresh and nutritious! 

    1. Meals That Heal by Carolyn Williams, PhD, RD– a perfect cookbook for 30 minute meals that can be meal prepped for one person, or cooked quickly for the whole family. The focus is anti-inflammatory, which means dad can feel great about feeding himself or the family a healthy meal. 
    2. Red White and Que by Karen Adler and Judith Fertig– For the dad that loves to grill, but wants to get new ideas beyond the basic burgers and hotdogs. To top it all off, all recipes are intended to be farm fresh and nutritious!
    3. Milk Street: Cookish by Christopher Kimball– Maybe your family is a fan of the Milk Street TV show, or maybe dad needs some new techniques with cooking dinner. This book covers all that and more, along with most recipes having 6 or less ingredients! 

Cooking Gear

Is dad a big griller? Or maybe he has been wanting to start meal prepping for going back to the office. Gift him a new food or drink gadget to help him with his new (or old) goals! 

    1. Cast Iron– Perfect for one dish meals, delicious crispy veggies, or early morning egg dishes. Make sure you remind him to season it or buy it pre-seasoned before use!

    2. Grilling Set– Maybe he has been wanting to get into grilling more this summer. Get a set full of fun tools that will get him excited for cooking all kinds of meat, fish, and veggies for the whole family!

    3. Pizza Peel– If dad is a big fan of pizza night, get him his very own pizza peel to feel just like a professional chef!

    4. Portable Drink Cooler– If beach trips or cookouts are in the near future for dad, make sure he is ready to cool off with a nice cold drink by upgrading his outdoor cooler game!

Exercise Gadgets

    1. New Running Shoes- treat dad to new kicks! As the weather is getting nicer, I am sure dad is itching to get outside. Whether he prefers walking, running, lifting, or yard work, check out your local sporting goods store for good recommendations on what type to buy! 
    2. Hiking backpack- If your dad is the hiking type- search your local outdoor store for the best deals on bags! You can even fill it up with lots of goodies like tick repellent, sunscreen, a compass, and a map of his favorite hiking trails, to top off the gift. 
    3. Polarised Sunglasses- If dad has the same pair of sunglasses from that vacation 5 years ago, here is the perfect opportunity to get him a nice new pair! This is a perfect gift for any dad who loves to fish, run, hike, and be active outdoors. Make sure you let him try a few pairs first to guarantee that he’ll love them!