Inspiration & Empowerment

Our mission is your journey

Our Values

We utilize a variety of tools and processes, including Functional Medicine, to get to the root cause(s) that are impediments to your health and vitality.


Inspire and Empower individuals on their Journey to Health and Vitality by connecting to themselves and their communities.


To Source Health, Vitality and Long Life!

Our Beliefs

  • Extraordinary results are achievable
  • Transformation is possible
  • Chronic illness is preventable and reversible


Our story began when we met (for the second time) at a personal development workshop in 2000. Ed was in medical school, Wendie was completing medical school, and had been accepted to go to New York for her OB/GYN residency.

As Wendie tells the story: Ed was already talking about building this “Center” with multiple modalities of healing located on 200+ acres of land where people learn to heal both on the land and with the land.

After both completing medical school and residency, in 2008 we started Visions HealthCare, which was wildly successful. We grew from 3 employees in 3900 square feet of space to 110 employees in 30,000 square feet of space. We were the largest functional medicine practice in the country and had modalities such as acupuncture, chiropractic, Osteopathy, psychiatry, psychology, nutrition, spiritual medicine, energy medicine, etc. During our 8 year tenure, we had the privilege of serving over 20,000 patients.

Unfortunately, due to a range of factors and challenges, many of which can be attributed to inexperience with managing capital and growth, we had to close our doors in 2015. We were both devastated. This had been Ed’s lifelong dream, and we had poured all of our resources into it.

We then took some time to reflect and breathe. The more we looked at what other options there were, the more we realized that there was nothing else that fulfilled our commitment to bring this approach to the world.

Our calling is to inspire and empower people to be vital, vibrant and healthy until 100 years of age. The approach is based on the belief that there are five core aspects of health, and each aspect needs to be balanced in order to experience vitality. The five areas are: Structural, Chemical, Emotional, Social and Spiritual. A major imbalance in even one area can throw off the entire system.

So, we opened Five Journeys, a membership-based wellness organization that uses functional and integrative medicine as core components of our evaluation and treatment. We partner with our members to empower and inspire you in your them in their unique journey to greater vibrancy and vitality. Our goal is to get to the root cause of problems, issues and illnesses, and help you solve them. We believe that many chronic diseases can be prevented, reversed, reduced and/or resolved with this approach.

Mere survival is not enough. We are here to help you THRIVE.

Ready? Let’s go on this journey, together!


“Dr. Trubow,

There aren’t words to cover the gratitude I feel for you and the help you gave on my health journey. Ever since February/March, my joint pain has completely subsided. Whether it was the mold being removed from my home, my practice building so I could feel better financially, coming to peaceful terms with not having a baby, the vitamin supplements and dietary changes,  prayer, all of the above, I don’t know. What I do know is that I’m pain free. I weed my garden, I’m active in and outside my home, and I feel great.

Thank you for stepping in and showing me a holistic way to look at my medical symptoms. To think, the suggestion was to go on medication for Malaria. So grateful I found you and so grateful I paused and looked at other possibilities.”


“Ever since I became Dr. Trubow’s patient I have always felt as though I had a partner in the management of my health. She really listened to my concerns and offered a different approach to address my digestive issues Dr. Trubow recommended a series of blood testing for any allergies which may be have been causing the G.I. distress. Low and behold I found out I had candida and gluten and dairy sensitivities as well as hypothyroidism – all related in some way. A carefully thought out plan included nutritional counseling and put me on the path to totally change my life forever. I lost 20 lbs., gained back my energy and pushed myself to athletic achievements I had only dreamed of. I ran my first marathon in October 2012. Today, I feel and look better than I ever have. It was Dr. Trubow’s persistence in finding out the cause and her treatment plan which gave me my life and then some back. For that I am truly grateful. Thank you, Dr. Trubow.”


“Courageous and filled with compassion. I am SO happy Dr. Levitan pursued his dream- it is benefiting my entire family- and our community as a whole!”


“My daughter (age 7 now) had a history of frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs) for over a year. Her pediatrician continually prescribed her antibiotic after antibiotic. After each treatment, she kept getting UTIs. It is so heartwrenching as a parent to see your child in pain and not be able to do anything. Finally a friend of mine referred me to Dr. Edward Levitan. I was able to make an appointment fairly quickly. At that time she had another UTI and my daughter’s pediatrician recommended another dosage of antibiotics. I got so frustrated with them not looking more into the reasons why she would continually have a UTI. We even went to a specialist/urologist at Children’s Hospital, but it wasn’t until we came to Dr. Levitan that my daughter was cured. Thank you Dr. Levitan for your help! God bless!”


“Dr. Levitan, you have completely changed my life for the better and I will never forget that.”

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