4 Tips for Staying on Track for ANY Holiday Weekend

Memorial day is right around the corner, and that means pool parties, beach trips, BBQs, and lots of SUN. The kickoff to Summer is exciting, especially after 2 years of living through a pandemic. To get geared up to have fun, but not completely fall off your health journey wagon, try out some of these tips and tricks! 


Start the Day Off Right 

Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed and the rest of the day you just felt off, and likely made some poor food choices because of it? We all have. When you have a big weekend or holiday coming up, make sure to get some good rest and start the day off right, so you can better prepare yourself to make good food choices and decisions because you feel great already! Our personal favorite ways to start off a good weekend are waking up and meditating, going for an outdoor walk in the fresh air, and making a nice balanced breakfast with lots of flavor and color. When you start off feeling amazing, you are more likely to keep it that way the rest of the day! 


Don’t Skip the Basics

When making food and drink choices in an environment outside your home, make sure to keep the basics on the plate, so you have a solid foundation for a satisfying meal. Start your plate off with a nice portion of protein, followed by a generous portion of veggies to add some fiber and nutrients. This then gives you a little room for a perfect portion of carbohydrates, which are likely available in excess at your holiday gathering. Lastly, don’t forget about hydration! Even if the sun isn’t shining or you aren’t sweating, you still need to fill up on water to keep you energetic and keep your digestive tract regular as you enjoy your food and drinks throughout the gathering.   


Get Out and Move 

If the weather permits, try to get involved in a physical activity, to keep you energized and engaged. Going for a walk with a friend or a family member is not only great for our bodies, but great for the mind. It is a prime opportunity to strengthen relationships and feel connected and full of purpose when you are able to spend quality time with someone you love. Additionally, if you feel like you may be struggling to slow down and stop eating even if you are full, a walk is a good way to step away from the temptations, and put your mind on something else. Walks after eating can also help improve digestion, regulate your blood sugar, and promote serotonin production, which improves mood, sleep, and appetite regulation. 


Practice Being Intuitive 

When in doubt, listen to your body! If you feel really full and stuffed but keep piling food on the plate, try to respect your body, and pace yourself. We have hunger, thirst, and satiety cues for a reason. We recommend taking deep breaths a few times at your meals to avoid mindless eating and prevent indigestion, especially if it is food you are not used to having on a daily basis. Being intuitive also helps you have grace with yourself, and challenge the negative thoughts you may have about food. If you are really interested in trying that special dessert your friend made, and it doesn’t contain foods that actually make you feel physically ill- go for it and don’t feel guilty! It is beneficial to have balance in your diet and life, as long as you know it is not a major trigger for you that will totally derail you off your path.