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Functional Medicine

Find true healing and vitality with our functional approach to medicine, including cutting-edge testing and comprehensive screenings. We help you find and heal the root cause.

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Nutrition & Diet

Food is the cornerstone for good health. Our in-house Nutritionist uses science-backed assessments to create your personalized nutrition plan. Remember - you are what you eat!

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IV Therapy

Infuse your health with 5J’s innovative IV Therapy. Add a B-12 or Vitamin-C boost to your treatment for added benefits. It’s time to start feeling better.

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Virtual Medicine

From elimination diets to detox, we have a virtual program for you. Stay home and elevate your health.

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Wherever you are on your journey, it’s time to start making progress… and this is the perfect place to start.

Signs you need treatment

Gut Issues

"Go with your gut" and amp up your digestive health whether you struggle with IBS, Celiac or numerous other gut-related issues.

Hormonal Imbalance
Get your sexy back! Menopausal issues, low testosterone, PMS, and cramps don’t have to be your norm
It’s just old age, right? Wrong! Weight gain, hair loss, extreme fatigue, brain fog, blood sugar imbalances - these are not just signs of aging. Your endocrine system is wrecked.
Weight Gain
Starvation? Check. Keto? Check. Carb Cycling? Check. Beachbody? Check. Unforgiving Trainer? Check. When you've tried it all and nothing works, we can help.
Emotional Health
Feel like you’re going insane? You’re not. But your body may be. Anxiety, depression, and panic attacks don’t mean your mind is weak. You can find sanity again...naturally.
Autoimmune Disorders
You know how you were told you’ll never get better and you’ll just have to take pills the rest of your life? Yeah...we don’t believe that either.
Turn back the clock on diabetes. We can help.
Skin Disorders
Are you comfortable in your own skin? Well, you could be. It's time to get rid of the rashes, acne, and eczema! We can help.
Infectious Diseases
Do you feel like you have a mystery disease? Have you seen a million doctors? Lyme, Epstein Barr, Parasites...we treat that.
Heart Health
Your genetics aren't your future. We optimize heart health, high blood pressure/hypertension, high cholesterol, and various other heart conditions.
Toxins/Mold Exposure
Yes, you are what you eat. But you also are what you breathe. Mold exposure, heavy mercury/lead levels, and high toxin overload can produce a host of problems that are difficult to diagnose and heal. Let us help.
From environmental allergies to food reactions, we work on systematically removing all your triggers. Let us help.
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How can you take advantage of our functional approach to medicine? We have 3  programs available depending on your unique needs and health goals. And guess what? We take (most) insurance plans!

Functional Medicine Approach + Our Amazing Team = An Inspired Life! Experience quality care with a functional approach to improving your health. 

Choose our Concierge Care plan for 24/7 connection to your physician, longer appointment times, expedited test results, and much more!

All the care you get from Silver Concierge, plus at-home services, priority scheduling, and more.

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Looking for specifics about your mood, hormones, autoimmune disease, and more? We’ve got you covered!

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Coming this summer (2021), Wendie & Ed shed light on the nagging issues that you've been facing for years in their new book, "Dirty Girl: Ditch the Toxins, Look Great, and Feel Freaking Amazing!" Preorder Now.

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This is no boring health blog with cardboard crackers and dressing-free lettuce salads. We think life should be full of flavor!

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