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Vitality Reimagined

Creating a world of health, inspiration and long life

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Beauty of You

Internal Peace. External Health.

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Find Your Purpose

Live With Integrity

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Align Yourself

Your Hormones Will Thank You

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Make Time to Belong

Your Community. Your Health.

Bring Your Vitality to Life

Be vibrant, healthy, alive, happy, able and interested in intimacy, until at least 100 years of age. It’s time to experience vitality on a daily basis. Our unique approach combined with Functional Medicine leads to a healthy you.

Great Care Takes Time

Step out of the box of 10 minute appointments. Create a well-designed, sustainable plan.

A Deeper Look

Look beyond the presenting symptoms. Uncover the root cause(s).  It’s time to understand what’s really going on.

The Whole You

Experience the integration of mind, body and spirit.

Experience A Unique Approach

A plan, personalized to address all aspects of you: Structural, Chemical, Emotional, Social, Spiritual.

Structural Journey

The thigh bone’s connected to the…

Yup, it matters!

Your bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons are all put together perfectly, to give you the best performance possible. Our commitment is to ensure that your structure is functioning optimally.

Chemical Journey

You are what you eat (and how you process it, and absorb it)!

We evaluate your minerals, nutrients, hormones, allergies and much, much more, using state of the art testing.

Emotional Journey

Your relationships (both to yourself and other) can improve or detract from your health. We work with you to create relationships that work for you.

Social Journey

Where do you fit in the fabric of your community? A sense of belonging or a sense of isolation are both powerful, but only one leads to wellness!

Spiritual Journey

What’s your purpose in life?  We say that your purpose is critical and can make the difference between feeling fulfilled and turning to unhealthy behaviors.


“Courageous and filled with compassion. I am SO happy Dr. Levitan pursued his dream- it is benefiting my entire family- and our community as a whole!”


“Dr. Trubow, you have completely changed my life for the better and I will never forget that.”

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